Terms and conditions

Product download

Before you register and access or utilize ThemePure’s downloadable product(s) for your personal needs, it’s essential to ensure that you’ve thoroughly reviewed, comprehended, and consented to all the terms. When you use ThemePure or any other products, we consider it an acknowledgment of your acceptance of the following terms of use.

Please be aware that we retain the prerogative to amend and adjust the terms and conditions at our discretion, with no obligation to provide prior notification.

Product Delivery

Our free downloadable products are accessible for direct download upon logging in. For paid downloadable products, you can obtain them following your purchase. Paid items will become downloadable once your payment is received and verified. We facilitate payments through PayPal, Stripe, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and all major credit cards. It is imperative to agree with their terms and conditions prior to making any payment for our products.

Upon purchase, your transaction details will be sent to your provided email address. To download any of our products, whether free or paid, you must create an account on our website. In certain instances, if a payment is not processed successfully, we may need to manually review and authorize the download. Consequently, there may be delays ranging from 1 to 24 hours, contingent on the specific circumstances and the extent of scrutiny required, especially when a fraud alert is triggered.

Product Compatibility/Updates

All our themes and plugins are meticulously crafted to ensure compatibility with the most current WordPress version. ThemePure's themes and plugins are built to seamlessly operate on contemporary web browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, among others.

For our valued paid users, we offer product updates for a specified duration as indicated in the product description. Even after your support validity period expires, you can continue to utilize the installed products, including themes and plugins.


You have the freedom to customize any of our products to suit your specific needs. Nevertheless, we advise you to review our documentation page and reach out to us via email to explore potential, simpler solutions before making modifications.

When considering alterations, we highly recommend employing the template override method or utilizing a distinct plugin, such as a PHP, JS, or CSS snippet plugin.

Please be aware that direct modifications made within the plugin may result in the forfeiture of your support license. In such cases, the ThemePure team will not be obligated to provide support for custom alterations.

Unauthorized/Illegal Uses

You are strictly prohibited from using themepure.net products for any unlawful or unauthorized purposes, in compliance with the laws of the US, UK, EU, and international regulations.

You are expressly forbidden from reproducing, duplicating, renaming, copying, or selling any of our products without obtaining written permission from themepure.net. In exceptional cases, any such actions require explicit authorization.

For WordPress Themes, HTML, Figma, PSD, and plugin XML files, the copyright data must remain unaltered. You are not permitted to modify the copyright data on any of our products.

Should you breach any of these terms, themepure.net retains the right to suspend your account.

If you encounter any issues or bugs while using our products, please reach out to us via email or post your concerns on our forum. We will make every effort to promptly address and resolve any issues.

If you require additional customization not available in the current version of the product, you may need to await the next version release or consider hiring an expert for the task.

All products are the sole property of themepure.net, and they may not be used under any other name or identity.

Price Changes

ThemePure retains the authority to, at any given moment, either temporarily or permanently, alter or cease any product, in whole or in part, with or without prior notice.


We maintain a customer-friendly 30-day refund policy. However, please note that refund requests cannot be based on features that your purchased theme or plugin does not include.

All our plugins have a free version available on WordPress.org. We encourage you to test them before making a purchase decision. Furthermore, feel free to engage with our support team to discuss any specific features you require for your platform.


We offer a warranty solely for our products and do not extend this warranty to third-party extensions or plugins.

Please be aware that we do not supply licenses for stock images or fonts used for demonstration purposes. If you intend to use these images or fonts, you must acquire them from the respective sources independently.

What Our Support Covers

  • Any compatibility issues in WordPress resulting from the installation of a new product
  • Assistance with product functionality that extends beyond what is detailed in our documentation
  • Challenges encountered during the installation of ThemePure themes and plugins
  • Problems associated with the broken of ThemePure products

What is NOT Covered by ThemePure Support

  • Software harm resulting from attacks by hackers
  • Challenges arising from outdated versions of PHP, MySQL, and similar components
  • Items purchased from sources other than ThemePure
  • Compatibility issues with third-party products
  • Inability to furnish the website URL and access to the WordPress backend
  • Errors associated with customizing the product's code, including PHP and JavaScript
  • We do not provide support for any version of Internet Explorer (IE).

Last updated on October 15, 2023. ThemePure reserves the right to change or modify the above contents at any time without any prior notice.